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Heritage 2019

Throughout 2018/19 I have worked on a new series of work, focusing on restoration and regeneration .

The first site chosen was Castle Rising in Norfolk. Now a ruined castle it had an impressive history, at its peek the main home of Edward II's wife Isabella, nicknamed the She Wolf. A very influential character of the times.

The second site was a local one, Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet. Being from the 'Steel City' it seemed appropriate to look at a historical site reflecting this heritage. Metal was borrowed from this site to rust dye all the fabrics that were used in creating the textile images.

Other sites are on the back burner as the exhibiting season approaches and will have to wait until 2020 to emerge.

Managers House.jpg
Aura, Queen copy.jpg
nun copy.jpg
Regeneration I.jpg
Rust 2 cropped.jpg
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